save more than 85% cost

Sell your house from 0.3% fees only!

Find out the brand new and unique method that my team and I have used to help hundreds of homeowners like you to sell their house without paying 2% agent fee


Rated 5/5 by 4 happy customers on Google reviews

Sell your home fast and effortlessly

While saving 85% of the cost

Find out the method that we have used to help hundreds of homeowners like you to sell their house without paying the 2% agent fee


Rated 5/5 by 4 happy customers on
Google reviews



Modular pricing in the real estate industry!

Pay only for what you need!

Our mission

To ensure that property sellers are paying exactly for what they need. Traditionally, real estate sales have always been a package deal.

The cost of marketing, estate agency work, selling has always been lumped into one sum of 2% commissions irregardless if there is a co-broke or not.

We took a separate approach and broke down each component to allow individuals to pay only for what they require which may result in huge savings.

Basic Marketing & Advertising

To get you a large stream of potential buyers


*Of the listing price

optional addons

Agent representative

To take care of the selling process

0.7% *

*Of the selling price subjected to gst

Co-broke agent

For buyers represented by agents

0.75% *

*Of the selling price subjected to gst

Customized marketing

For peculiar projects that are tough to sell

request for quotation

learn the experts gems strategy

Ethan and his team are among the best when it comes to real estate marketing strategies. He is so good that his listing view rank higher than his competitors

About Ethan Lim

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Ethan is the owner opened doors and a licensed property agent who aims to add value to our customers.

Ethan and his team always think of innovative ways to address the needs of our customers. We have sold 300 houses within 3 years. Ethan and his team came up with solutions to help you DIY your selling process.

This is for you if you can handle your viewings and negotiations and would like to incur the least cost when selling your house.

By utilizing our help to get your listing onto property listing portals, you can generate potential buyers on your own without the help of property agents. In fact this is the process 99% of property agents use to help you find a buyer if you engage them. With this, you can save money and get higher profits from your property.

Testimonials from our clients

Harinah Abdul Latiff
Harinah Abdul Latiff
Ethan is very efficient, fast to get new potential tenants with good offer. Very informative through his in depth research work and willing to go the extra miles Always assisting in every way he can.
Mwy W
Mwy W
Excellent and professional services from Ethan. He is responsive answering any questions, giving good advices and finding properties that meets our needs. Ethan makes sure that he is always around to lead us through multiple rounds of negotiation to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible.
maureen lim
maureen lim
Very recently, I had the pleasure of working with Mr Ethan Lim and I decided to engage his help with my rental of my HDB commercial property. He is dedicated, professional and also knowledgeable and creative in providing advisory to maximize the rental yields. In only a few weeks, he has facilitated a win/win solution for every party. I am definitely continuing to engage his service again to rent out for the other half of my shop house due in 4 months time. I really enjoyed the journey working with him with his positive energy and friendliness attitude in obtaining a good deal for my property. I can heartily recommend him to anyone who may need a professional real estate agent. Maureen (Landlord of the HDB commercial Property) 23/06/2021
Wan Ying Lim
Wan Ying Lim
My friend highly recommended Ethan to me after engaging him previously, and I'm glad to say he lived up to my expectations! Ethan is very patient and knowledgeable, has all the up to date gadgets to take the 3D photos of my house for viewers. As advertised on his website, he also done up some mock interior designs for buyers to visualise how they can possibly design my house in the future. He provides personalised services, is prompt in his replies and is not pushy at all. Would give 6 stars if possible!

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